Sushi Dokku, Chicago, IL

Get the oyster shooter.  Get.  It.  I know you don’t like them and I don’t care.  Really.  Perhaps it was the quail egg.  Or perhaps it was the sezchuan pepper tickling the throat as it went down.  Maybe the perfect balance of spice, umami, and salty oyster flavors.  Or I could have just been caught up in a moment with my awesome companion (hi, Doc!).  Doesn’t matter.  Everything we had here was great, from the ice cold Sapporo, to the delicious Hamachi preparation (me ecanta ha-MASH-iiii!!), to aforementioned oyster shooter.  Just go.  If you are sushi friendly at all, go.  And did I mention that you should order the oyster shooter?

Sushi Dokku, 823 West Randolph Str., Chicago, IL  60607