Zerran Tinto 2011 – Montsant, Spain

IMG_259550% Garnacha 40% Mazuelo 10% Syrah.  The back of the bottle says that this will be, “definitively the best wine you have tasted from Montsant.” While I cannot agree with that, the 92 points rating on the front is some indication of what’s inside the bottle. A nice, tough Montsant with dark fruits like currant and blackberry, with some leather and rose petals on the nose. It’s a good drinking wine with enough tannin to stand up to hearty foods like roasted pork and beef. I picked this bottle up at (I think) the Whole Foods on P Street for about $16. It made an impression and I will drink it again, though it definitely is NOT the best Montsant I’ve had. If you take this one to a party or to a friend’s house for dinner, it will get compliments from anyone who enjoys big tough reds.

  • Rating: Impressive
  • Name: Zerran Tinto 2011
  • Winery: Zerran
  • Region: Montsant
  • Country: Spain
  • Varietals: 50% Garnacha, 40% Mazuelo, 10% Syrah
  • Price: $16
  • Where to Buy: Whole Foods, 1440 P St NW, Washington, DC 20005

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