Callejo 2011 – Ribera del Duero, Spain

IMG_2762Had this wine with my birthday chuleta (steak) at Bar Nestor in San Sebastian, Spain. It was an excellent choice. Balanced tannin, dark fruit, leather, and vanilla all-orchestrated to stand up to the excellent beef Nestor pumps out of his kitchen. The bartender explained that Callejo puts out three steps of their wines, this being the entry level. If the food and wine coma had not taken over so effectively – sending us stumbling through the cobbled streets of SS’s lovely old town – I would have sprung for the next level. I will be looking for these bottles in the states as, if the entry level bottle is any indication at EU18, they are likely splurge worthy.

  • Rating: Impressive
  • Name: Callejo 2011
  • Winery: Bodegas Felix Callejo
  • Region:Ribera del Duero
  • Country: Spain
  • Varietals: 100% Tempranillo
  • Price: 18EUR
  • Where to Buy: N/A

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