Restaurante La Luna de Júpiter, Barcelona, Spain

Some nights when traveling, you just need to stretch out and enjoy a long, satisfying meal in a relaxing and quiet atmosphere.  This adorable, tiny spot sits on the somewhat hidden Traginers Plaza – a real oasis of quiet and relaxation in the middle of the often wild and wooly Barrio Gótico.  Snag an outside table if it’s warm enough and you can.  If not, I’m quite fond of the first table on the left.

Don’t bother being in a hurry.  The server and the kitchen won’t be, and you shouldn’t be either.  I know I’d happily sit starving for a couple of hours right now if it meant sinking my fork into a plate of their house-made gnocchi.  This is yet another discovery that I can claim no credit for:  all praise to my native Catalan friends.

Restaurante La Luna de Júpiter, Plaça dels Traginers, 8, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

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